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The Steel River Provincial Park is located northeast of Terrace Bay and encompasses a 200 metre corridor along each side of the Steel Lake and River system north of Santoy Lake including Diablo Lake. The 160 kilometres waterway is a designated Provincial canoe route consisting of 3 separate published trips.

Present recreation usage is mainly unstructured public recreation with the emphasis on canoeing, fishing and hunting. There is some fly-in tourism for the same recreational purposes.

The Steel River Provincial Park was regulated in 1989 and is classified as a waterway park. The existing tenured properties at the north end of Santoy Lake are excluded from the park. The park represents several earth and life science features for Site Districts 3W-4 and 3W-5.

This area contains lake(s) designated for lake trout management. For a current list of designated lakes associated with this area, refer to the Lake Trout Lake Search Index accessible via the ‘Source of Direction’ portion of this policy report.


The intent is to manage this park as a Waterwaty Class provincial park, in accordance with MNR and Ontario Parks Policy.

Management of this area is also governed by the general policies contained in Terrace Bay District Land Use Guidelines (1983).


Management of this provincial park is carried out in accordance with Ontario Provincial Parks: Planning and Management Policies (1992), the Ontario’s Living Legacy Land Use Strategy (1999) and the Interim Management Statement, where available. The Interim Management Statement provides direction to ensure custodial management of park resources until such time as a park management planning process is conducted, which includes public review of proposals. At that time, significant decisions regarding resource stewardship, operations, development and permitted uses are made.

Where a use may be permitted (Maybe or Yes on the table), the long-term management direction will be determined through planning. Such uses that are existing may continue in the interim, unless park values are threatened.

The following table presents the generic policies for this class of park. Readers should consult the above referenced documents for specific direction or further clarification.

The following tables aim to present current information. However, with the passage of new legislation, updates to provincial policy and the development of protected areas management direction documents, certain content elements may be out of date.

The permitted uses associated with provincial parks are found in approved management direction, which are available on the Ontario Parks website.


Note: MNR will consider the Land Use Intent and Management Direction outlined in this policy report when reviewing applications for permitted activities that require licences, leases, permits, or other forms of approval. The review of individual applications involves the consideration of a variety of factors and requirements on a site-specific basis in addition to land use policy.

Approved Management Direction for Ontario's Provincial Parks (2013)
Ontario's Living Legacy Land Use Strategy (policies for pre-existing Provincial Parks and Conservation Reserves) (1999)
Terrace Bay District Land Use Guidelines (1983)
Ontario Provincial Parks: Planning and Management Policies (1992)

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